Woman cheats SCD Complications…by Divine Intervention


Monininuolaoluwa Philips-Adeleye turned 50 last August 2013– 50 years since she has been cheating complications from SCD. Thrice doctors predicted she would give birth by Caesarian Section, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, prayed for her and predicted she would deliver HER BABIES NORMALLY … SHE DID!

Niniola Philips-Adeleye, 50 has come a long way, beating sickle cell complications at every step

Her given name is Monininuolaoluwa (I have a share in God’s riches). Quite a mouthful, eh? Call her ‘Niniinstead. And there’s more to ‘Nini than just the looong first name:

  • 1965/66. Frustrated with ‘Niniola’s frequent (undiagnosed) illnesses, her father once urged his wife to ‘throw her away!’ Rather than be thrown away, she was sent away to live with her maternal aunt in Omu-Aran, Kwara State, Nigeria
  • 1970. ‘Niniola was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia at the State Hospital (now Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital), Ado-Ekiti. Three of her eight siblings were also with sickle cell anaemia – she is the sole survivor
  • 1974. ‘Niniola was offered admission to Federal Government College, Owerri but attended Cherubim and Seraphim College, Ilorin instead. Her parents were concerned about her going so far away from home
  • 1976. Near-fatal sickle cell crises led doctors to prognosticate she would not see her 16thbirthday
  • 1979. Recurrent illness and hospitalization ensured mediocre performance at final West African School Cert Exams (WASCE)
  • 1980. Started working life at age 17 as clerical assistant with the Head of Service, Kwara State, Ilorin (Her mother thought to save her from the rigours of an academic life)
  • 1989. ‘Niniola married first and only boyfriend.
  • 1989. Very turbulent first pregnancy. Her mother consulted and took her to spiritualists for help. Redeemed Church G.O Pastor Enoch Adeboye told her she had been booked for caesarian section (CS) but prophesied she would deliver her baby normally. Shortly before D-day, the doctor who was to perform the CS was nowhere to be found and ‘surfaced just as the baby was being taken for weighing.’ Just ‘a few hard pushes’ and the baby was born. ‘Niniola was advised to have no more babies
  • 1993. Pregnant again, more turbulent times. Gave birth to second child two days before another planned CS.
  • 1995. Yet another pregnancy! More turbulent times. Aplastic anaemia, extreme tiredness, etc. Baby found with IUGR (Inter-Uterine Growth Retardation) – radiological examination at Lagos University Teaching Hospital showed baby weighed only 800 grammes at 32 weeks!
  • 1995. The foetus was thought unviable. Evacuation (surgical removal) planned. 12 pints of blood transfusion failed to raise ‘Niniola’s PCV from 17%. Her bone marrow not making new blood. Bone marrow transplant indicated.
  • 1995. After one week, the PCV jumped to 27%. Bone marrow comes alive! The baby that was too small to live and planned for evacuation emerged 4 weeks later weighing in at 2.4kg!
  • 1996. After months of pain and immobility, ‘Niniola was told at the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Lagos she would need hip replacement. Bedridden for two months, she wrote to Pastor Adeboye, asking for help. No reply received, but one month later, got on her feet!
  • 2002. Ordained deaconess with the Redeemed Church
  • 2013. On her 50thbirthday (August 6), ‘Niniola became Assistant Pastor with the Redeemed Church. She also launched her memoir, I Can Face Tomorrow – a woman’s battle with sickle cell disease.

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