Amen Girls’ College students after seminar on SCD

Students and staff members of Amen Girls’ College, Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria were treated to a sensitization seminar on SCD 11 December 2018. The seminar took place as the school wound up activities for the first term of the 2018/2019 Academic Session.

Principal, Mr. Amodu, and the Vice Principal, Mrs. Chiamaka Nwosu welcomed the team from the Richard Coker Foundation (RCF) led by Ayoola Olajide, president of the town’s Sickle Cell Club.

The seminar began with an introductory allusion to blood and its components, zeroing in on the red blood cells as the singular SCD mastermind. Reference was equally made to genotype, the shape and life span of red blood cells and reasons for the chronic state of blood shortage among people with sickle cell anaemia.



The question and answer session soon turned into a discourse on SCD, with staff members relating their direct or vicarious interactions with sickle cell.

A female staff member referred to a couple she knew who discovered their carrier statuses after retiring from having children!

‘None of their three children was with sickle cell anaemia,’ she stated.



I really RCF for the enlightenment seminar on sickle cell anaemia. The seminar gave me insights on how to support my friends and family who’s genotype is *SS*.

Omogoriola Sholanke, SS3


It was an eye opener. Highly informative to students and staff members.

Mr Vitus


Mrs. Chiamaka Nwosu, Vice-Principal

Few schools have had the privilege of a seminar on SCD such as our girls have enjoyed today.

The seminar is a forewarning to that stage of life when the girls are of marriageable and childbearing age.

Wide spread assumptions and speculations about sickle cell were clarified by the convener.

Vice Principal, Mrs Chiamaka Nwosu


The Richard Coker Foundation is dedicated to accentuating awareness of sickle cell and improving the lives of individuals and families with the disorder. RCF is named after Richard Coker-Enahoro, the up and coming UK-based film maker living with sickle cell anaemia who succumbed to leukemia in 2004 aged 32. His parents were the celebrated Nigerian broadcasting icons, Richard Enahoro and Julie Coker.

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