January – March 2018

POLITICS: Nigeria 2019 – Linguistics Prof Mercy Adesanya throws hat into Nigerian politics at the highest level – fat chance of getting nomination, but action filled with symbolism for SCD families worldwide.

SCIENCE: (CRISPR) Scientists explore more ways to bring SCD to heel.

NIGERIA: veteran Lab Science prof Ayodele Adeleye claims he can and has cured SCD within days, but fails to provide evidence. An archetype of medical fiction from the world’s most SCD-endemic country!

INDIA: Dr. Vikas Dua restores Edria Israel to perfect health by bone marrow transplant

UK: Maryam Kay launches Dora Foundation to improve SCD awareness in Sierra Leone.

UGANDA: Beautiful Matilda Nanyondo, 26 wants to go on a world tour as SCD ambassador.


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