I want to go on a World Tour

‘I want to go on a world tour’– Ugandan Matilda Nanyondo

Born 21 years ago, Matilda Nanyondo’s looks mask her SCD and the rough times she had undergone with it.

The journey began when she was just seven months old – swollen hands and joints, uncontrollable crying and a diagnosis with sickle cell anaemia.

Just before she turned two, her father, unable – or unwilling – to face the emotional and financial cost of caregiving, left the home and never returned.

‘Matilda’s father abandoned us,’ says Mrs. Nanyondo, who has remained single ever since. She has had to bear alone the financial, emotional and other unquantifiable costs meant for two.

Mrs. Nanyondo’s singular devotion to her only child shows. Matilda (luckily?) bears the invisible scars of SCD. She is well-grown, well-adjusted, well-mannered – and beautiful to boot.

Many girls would pray to have SCD if only to look like her. If she but knew her own powers, Matilda could make a dozen men dance on a finger-tip! Fortunately, Mum had instilled the catechism to be careful, very careful, with men.

‘I want to see the world,’ Matilda says in an interview with Sickle Cell News.

Indeed, the world itself wants to see this young lady who loves to travel.

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