April – June 2018

WORLD: A different Genotype from Mom and Dad and Siblings! Yet paternity tests prove positive – How will science explain this?
Doctors and Laboratory Scientists from everywhere say it’s highly unlikely, indeed impossible …

USA: Journalist globetrotter Gail Campbell Woolley (1957 – 2015) managed to upset medical doomsayers that she wouldn’t live that long because her sickle cell anaemia. Her spellbinding memoir, SOAR is a must read for anyone with a chronic health challenge.

NIGERIA: Barrister Stella Uchenna Onyiloha (nee Ojukwu) finds her dream man – ‘he didn’t mind that I have SCD!’

UK: Mayor of Bromley, Katherine Bance MBE, donates blood at SICKLEKAN event.

Help & Advice: Hale and hearty now, fighting for life the next moment – what is responsible for the sudden descent into illness in SCD? No one really knows, doctor says.


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