October – December 2017

BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT: Ismail Atilade knew the risks but plunged ahead with the woman he loved. All hell was let loose when son was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia. The narrative resulting in the child’s arduous journey to a cure via BMT spurs dad to activism.
Engineer Ubong Ekpenyong felt he had left his family down and leaves no stone unturned to rid daughter of SCD.
Brazilian Elvis Silva Magalhaes, 50 remains the oldest person ever cured of SCD by BMT.

ANNIVERSARY: Apostle Jide Pastor and (Mrs.) Atinuke Adeleye celebrate 15th wedding anniversary. ‘They said I wouldn’t live beyond 25 – I got married on my 25thbirthday!

BERMUDA: Under Akila Simmons’ leadership, the Bermuda Sickle Cell Association has impacted positively on the lives of families with SCD and others besides.

TRIBUTE: Leland Kapel Kirkendoll (1946 – 2017) proved the doctors wrong. His father’s insightful journals about his care as a growing child led to a protocol for paediatric SCD care worldwide.

BOOK REVIEW:  You really, really need to read Arunmoleegun, (Muideen Owolabi Bakare), A Sick Life (TBoz Tionne Watkins) and Coping With SCD: A Mother’s Experience (Dame Amaechi Ezebuike). Unforgettable books written from the personal angle.


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