Year: 2018

Daily Hydroxyurea Pill Improves Life In Africa

  A daily hydroxyurea pill may finally bring relief for young children living with the painful and deadly blood disease sickle cell anemia (SCA) in resource-challenged sub-Saharan Africa, where the disease is prevalent and health care availability is sub-optimal. This is what a large multinational clinical trial called REACH discovered […]

‘You know NOTHING about sickle cell!’ – Young Medical Graduate Tells Paediatrics Professor

Six of his siblings lived with sickle cell anaemia As a lad, Segun George could not put his finger on exactly what was wrong within his family. Yet he knew for sure something was wrong. There was something within the family dynamics which spelled pain, acute suffering, protracted illness and […]

Her Parents are AA, Yet She is SS

HOW COME MY GENOTYPE IS SS? By Fatima Garba Mohammed Doctors from Around the world say it’s 99.999999% Impossible Adeola ‘Wamiri’ Adeyemi was only three years old when her parents discovered they had on their hands an impossibility. The question, ‘How Come?’ was on everyone’s lip. The doctors were flabbergasted. […]


By Ayoola Olajide Many Nigerians would not quickly forget the spectacle of an 89-year-old on national television riding on a commercial motorcycle (okada) and then on a tricycle (marwa). It was June 2015 and the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) was engaged in a series of activities marking the annual World […]

April – June 2018

WORLD: A different Genotype from Mom and Dad and Siblings! Yet paternity tests prove positive – How will science explain this? Doctors and Laboratory Scientists from everywhere say it’s highly unlikely, indeed impossible … USA: Journalist globetrotter Gail Campbell Woolley (1957 – 2015) managed to upset medical doomsayers that she wouldn’t live […]